by Stefan Christian Hoja

Integrated 2017

Every two years, the design conference “Integrated” takes place in Antwerp, which attracts numerous graphic designers, artists and interested people. The schedule was packed with interesting presentations, lectures, workshops and music performances. One of the lecturer was Nadya Tolokonnikova from “The Pussy Riots”, who among other things explained the impact of her protest on herself and the society. Graphic designer Lucienne Roberts posed the daring question “Can Graphic Design Save Your Life?” and presented examples when design can save lives. American designer Paul Sahre questioned “Why be a designer?” and “Is it even a choice?” He tried to give answers to this question by using examples of his extensive oeuvre.

Chewing Gum by Stefan Christian Hoja

Dutch Design Week 2016

In 1998, the “Sandberg Institute” in Amsterdam launched a video experiment that allowed students to create a movie of exactly one minute. Starting with this experiment the “The One Minutes Foundation” was founded. Until today, the foundation’s archive has grown with over 10,000 movies. more