Athens is famous for its Acropolis and its archaeological collections. Hundreds of thousands of tourists come here to marvel or just to take a selfie. Since the financial crisis, the city as well as the whole country met rough treatment. You can see this through empty shops, semi-finished houses and ruined streets. more

Imaginary Master of Typography

For an imaginary art school which had the intension to start a new Master course, dedicated to typography, I started a new project supervised by Petr van Blokland. Together with Hana Jira we worked on a pre-promotion presentation for this new Master. This presentation should give an impression of what the Master course could add to the skills of professional graphic designers and typographers. The result of the design process gave us a realistic view on what this Master Typographic (PaTyFu – Past Fype Future) should look like, how the study should be structured and how it would be visualised in the media. The project work resulted in a visual identity, a website, an image film and an exhibition model. more


The Masters program Graphic Design took me to Morocco. I visited two cities which could not be more different. One is ancient, located near a high mountain range, with façades glowing brightly in red – Marrakech. The other one is located by the sea and presents itself with skyscrapers and white facades – Casablanca. more

by Stefan Christian Hoja

C.o.c.o.i. Workshop

During the C.o.c.o.i. workshop with Emmy van Thiel I got to know more about the artist group “Oulipo”, who are known for their self-imposed restrictions while writing texts. Emmy lectured also more about “cabinets of curiosities”. These cabinets were created by merchants, the nobility and the clergy at the beginning of the 17th century. Various extraordinary exhibits such as mussels, minerals and animal preparations were exhibited. more