The Masters program Graphic Design took me to Morocco. I visited two cities which could not be more different. One is ancient, located near a high mountain range, with façades glowing brightly in red – Marrakech. The other one is located by the sea and presents itself with skyscrapers and white facades – Casablanca.

In Marrakech I visited the College Des Arts Visuels, one of the best schools for design, film and sound in Africa. I got to know the various areas of the school and got into conversations with other students. With the staff of the web agency Carre I discussed the differences between Moroccan and French clients. I also visited the “Jardin Majorelle”, where Yves Saint Laurent once got inspired for his collections.

In Casablanca I participated in a workshop of the organization madNess. The goal of this organization is to promote and support the creative industries in Casablanca. I also talked to graphic designer Yvon Langué about his editorial design project which deals with the infographic visualization of African historiography.