The “Württemberg Mausoleum” is surrounded by numerous vineyards and can be found on the mountain “Rotenberg” close to Stuttgart. The former castle “Wirtemberg” was situated on this mountain until 1819. It is considered the ancestral castle of the House of Württemberg and the cradle of the former state. Its rulers built castles such as the “New Palace” in Stuttgart or the “Solitude Palace”. more


Kenya is poor and rich. Kenya is loud and quiet. Kenya is cool and hot. Situated on the equator, Kenya’s sun almost stands perpendicular at noon. In the evening it cools down in the higher situated capital Nairobi and the savannah and it stays warm and humid at the coast in Mombasa. more


Coburg was ruled for many centuries by Saxon dukes. The husband of Queen Victoria of England, Albert, also came from this dukedom, and after her marriage she also bore the names Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, until the name was changed to “Windsor”. more


England impresses with ancient oaks, extensive landscape gardens and luminous facades made of sand and limestone. The lively university town of Oxford and the former noble spa town of Bath also attracts visitors with great architecture, beautiful cafés and parks. more


Due to the enormous size of Sicily you forget that you are visiting an island. Rugged coasts and green fields alternating with mountainous landscapes. Everywhere you can find traces of past epochs and cultures. more


Athens is famous for its Acropolis and its archaeological collections. Hundreds of thousands of tourists come here to marvel or just to take a selfie. Since the financial crisis, the city as well as the whole country met rough treatment. You can see this through empty shops, semi-finished houses and ruined streets. more

Salzburg state

When Mozart was born in Salzburg in 1756, the city was still the capital of an independent principality of the Bishop. The prince-bishops built for instance the Hohensalzburg and the cathedral. Last one is the first baroque building north of the Alps and of enormous dimensions. Numerous tourist shops attract tourists in the historic district with souvenirs and the famous “Mozartkugel”. more

Bernese Highlands

The Bernese Highlands impresses with its more than 4,000-meter-high mountains and the crystal clear Thuner lake. The largest city in this area is Bern. The Bernese historic centre belongs to UNESCO World Heritage and consists of countless historic houses that line up like pearls on a chain. The centre is dominated by the tower of the one of the largest churches in Switzerland – the Bern Minster. more

Palaces in Île-de-France

Many castles are located near Paris, where once the aristocracy celebrated, had fun and went hunting. These castles were visited by the nobles to escape the narrowness of Versailles or the stinking streets of Paris. They are surrounded by French gardens with their strict geometric shapes, in which one can still find silence and grace beyond the big city. more


The Masters program Graphic Design took me to Morocco. I visited two cities which could not be more different. One is ancient, located near a high mountain range, with façades glowing brightly in red – Marrakech. The other one is located by the sea and presents itself with skyscrapers and white facades – Casablanca. more