Chewing Gum by Stefan Christian Hoja

Dutch Design Week 2016

In 1998, the “Sandberg Institute” in Amsterdam launched a video experiment that allowed students to create a movie of exactly one minute. Starting with this experiment the “The One Minutes Foundation” was founded. Until today, the foundation’s archive has grown with over 10,000 movies.

With the help of the “The One Minutes Foundation” supervised by the artist duo “Pinar & Viola” I worked on the movie “Chewing Gum”. The movie was finally selected for “The One Minutes” archive and was presented to the public for the first time at the “Dutch Design Week” in Eindhoven.

At the „Dutch Design Week“, I was especially fascinated by the virtual reality projects. Today most of the people think of video games and entertainment when it comes to VR. However, Virtual Reality is already being used in architecture, mechanical engineering or criminalistics to allow people to perceive for example places and objects that no longer or not yet exist.
I was particularly interested in a project that can help patients with tensions. With the VR glasses, the patient can perform playful movement exercises. These are set by the doctor or physiotherapist and evaluated after the implementation.